Charlie’s Local Business Spotlight: Cafe de Leche

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No, we do not mean cafe con leche, as some Spanish speakers have criticized, but Cafe de Leche is both a regional Nicaraguan favorite and a hip coffee shop on York Blvd. and Avenue 50 in Highland Park.

The business was opened by Nicaraguan native Anya Schodorf (formily Mantalban) who immigrated to NELA when she was 14 years old, and her husband Matt Schodorf. And although there is much debate about the presence of continued gentrification in Highland Park, Anya says she does not want to be portrayed as gentrifiers. She grew up in the community and believes that Latinos can be creative, successful and should not be looked down upon for wanting something nice.

Cafe de Leche has become a staple on York Blvd. A place to meet with friends, use the WiFi, people watch, and of course enjoy delicious drinks and pastries. They are well-known for their version of Horchata con Espresso which is often described by customers as, Delicious!, Yummy!, and Amazzing! Also, they brew with high quality, Stumptown beans, made by the company who claims to have been responsible for starting the coffee shop boom in Portland (#HipsterProTip).

So, if you’re in the Highland Park don’t forget to come by and relax over a great cup of joe. However, the spirit of this iconic LA neighborhood is rich in culture (and delicious food), so don’t let this be your only stop. York Blvd also offers food from family-owned restaurants like El Arco Iris, serving Mexican favorites since 1964, and no one can forget the La Estrella Taco Truck near Avenue 54, both offering big flavor at a small price.

In the end, gentrification happens, happened and is happening. All we can do is hold on to, and respect, the culture that survives, while welcoming the fruits (or beans in this case) of people’s dreams.



Cafe de Leche
5000 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 551-6828

El Arco Iris
5684 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 254-3401

La Estrella Taco Truck
York Boulevard & North Avenue 54
Los Angeles, CA 90042.

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