Super Bowl Weekend Tips for the Ultimate Party

By October 18, 2014Videos

Getting ready for Super Bowl weekend can be a hectic time as you try to choose the best foods and activities to have a great party. In today’s #RealEstateWOD, Charlie first informs us of the economic news. He then shifts focus to the biggest event of the weekend, Super Bowl XLVI. Charlie mentions the popular website Pinterest as a means to find great recipes and ideas for hosting a super bowl party. Food tips range from chicken wings, loaded nachos, to a new idea of pizza bite bowls (pepperoni, mozzarella cheese baked into a mini chip bowl). He also gives up a great idea for a game: an version of pin the tail on the donkey tailored to footbal, Pin the Football. All you need is a bit of duck tape and football shaped stickers and you are ready to go. It’s great for keeping kids busy while you’re trying to enjoy the game. Charlie also brings us to the PopularMechanics website that highlights great gadgets that upgrade your Super Bowl from average to ultimate. Charlie highlight the Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro, a small device that casts an image measuring about 100 inches from 6ft away. Charlie then predicts who will win the game. Lastly, the website is being revamped. Be sure to check it out for new listings, neighborhood information and more!

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