City Labs: Community Oriented Development

By September 3, 2015News
When listing a property, you have to focus less on the limitations of the existing use and more on the possibilities for the future buyer! Last year Dana Coronado co-listed an industrial property on 6th Street in Boyle Heights, and what was then just a warehouse is now a pillar for the community.

Dana’s experience has taught her the importance of quality marketing. Her marketing plan integrates targeted marketing to specific types of property owners and locations, multiple forms of print marketing including postcards, flyers & detailed set up sheets, plus online marketing via our website, syndicated networks and email newsletters to Dana’s extensive client list. And it was her creative marketing techniques that located the perfect buyer for what is now City Labs Boyle Heights.

After securing multiple offers Dana’s buyer purchased this property in as-is-condition and for $15,000 more than asking price!

Now the dusty warehouse has been transformed into City Labs Boyle Heights, a creative office hub for small businesses and nonprofits focused on serving LA’s Eastside communities. City Labs provides the same kind of creative and collaborative office space found in more affluent communities, but specifically tailored to the needs of the types of entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits that contribute to the Boyle Heights community now.

The property is now visually inspiring- featuring open plan spaces, colorful prints and whiteboard conference tables! It is a place where community leaders, independent contractors, start-ups, and small companies work side-by-side and are able to share resources.

Dana is proud to have been a part of this revitalization, and is excited to be a part of future revitalization in Los Angeles yet to come.

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