The West’s – New – Tallest Tower Opens Today in Downtown Los Angeles

By June 23, 2017News

The Wilshire Grand Center

has been years in the making but today, it is officially open. Acclaimed architect Chris Martin of AC Martin, led the design and construction funded by Korean Air’s Chairman Cho.
The colossal façade is covered in glass and the crown jewel is the Half Dome inspired ornamental top. Yosemite National Park is one of Chairman Cho’s (USC Graduate) favorite places to visit in the states and Martin reflected that bringing elements of California together was a key factor in his design. However, the city attempted to require the addition of a helicopter pad, which would have eliminated what is now the building’s most distinguishing feature. Martin argued that a helicopter pad is not a valid form of safety evacuation anyway because you can’t land if the building is on fire, so he coordinated the construction of a separate evacuation staircase and a firemen-dedicated elevator with an impenetrable shaft. A step that allowed the success of his design and ultimately the designation of the West’s Tallest Building because Martin could now also add the spire.

How Tall? 1,100 Feet

Project Cost? $1.2 Billion

What to Visit First?  Sky Lobby Cocktail Bar!

The Wilshire Grand Center is sure to be DTLA’s next hot spot, as it holds premier restaurants, stops, and a hotel and office space. What to check out first? How does “the most elevated position for enjoying a cocktail anywhere in the city and for many, many miles around,” sound? (EaterLA) The top of the property will hold a sky lobby enclosed in glass with an open-air top for star gazing over a bottle of wine.


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